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PitchBoard is a cutting-edge platform purpose built to enable influencers and brands to connect, collaborate and harness the power of influencer marketing to successfully launch campaigns, propel brands and accelerate growth.

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Influencer marketing is the modern and scalable version of word of mouth, realised through the increasingly predominant use of social media and smartphones.

By collaborating with real people, you’re connecting with your audience on a uniquely human level. It’s authentic, personal, and highly engaging. This is why influencer marketing can offer the strongest possible catalyst for growth.

Influencers are trusted, often charismatic individuals who specialise in developing highly creative social narratives. These narratives tend to strongly resonate with thousands (if not millions) of individuals, inspiring their life choices, shaping their style and tastes, and – importantly for brands - influencing their purchasing decisions.


Micro and mid range influencers are proven to offer stronger engagement rates and a higher return on investment than mega-influencers, largely as a result of the more personal nature of their interactions with followers.

However, using dozens of smaller influencers rather than a few mega-influencers traditionally came at a price: time. The time it took to co-ordinate and project manage dozens (or even hundreds) of influencers was simply not viable for a majority of brands. Until now.

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Brian Sorel
Head of Outreach, Neoreach

Out of the sponsored content platforms I’ve worked with, PitchBoard is one of the most compelling. Their audience targeting and analytics were extremely insightful.