Our Story

PitchBoard was founded by a team of digital marketers with decades of experience delivering engaging promotional campaigns for some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands.

We’ve worked with the likes of Red Bull, Heineken, Chuba Chubbs, Formula 1, Volvo, TikTok and a whole host of other exciting businesses, who recognised our unique ability to harness the power of targeted collaborations to successfully launch memorable, on-brand campaigns.

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Our journey began back in 2016, when we first started working closely with brands and influencers on the delivery of campaigns that centred upon creative collaborations.

We immediately recognised the growing potential of influencer marketing to disrupt the more traditional forms of marketing. Social influencing was more human. More authentic. More personal. And by comparison, traditional marketing seemed somewhat detached. However, we found the process of sourcing the right collaborators and project managing multiple collaborations to be unnecessarily laborious and inefficient. For everyone involved.

Brands struggled to find collaborators whose style aligned with their corporate objectives and even when they succeeded, they often lacked the resources internally to manage collaborations. Influencers often lacked the time to market themselves to brands and manage collaborations whilst also consistency creating engaging content.

We wanted to tackle these issues head on and felt we were perfectly placed to do so. We understood what brands were looking for. We understood the hurdles faced by influencers. And so, PitchBoard was born.

Our self-service platform enables brands and creators to collaborate in a secure and scalable environment. We use sophisticated AI technology to create genuine connections and maximize results.

Saleem Yaqub
Saleem is a seasoned digital marketer with an agency background and a track record of happy clients and campaigns. He has several boot-strapped ventures behind him and a keen interest in scalable SaaS platforms.
Jesse Leimgruber
Jesse attended Stanford before founding a VC backed influencer company. He was selected as a future global leader by the Dublin Web Summit and was awarded the Thiel Fellowship.
Petar Kolovrat
Petar is our very own technical wizard who leads development of our SaaS platform, algorithms and AI tech. He holds a masters degree in Engineering and can be found building robots in his spare time.
Diandra Galia
Diandra is helping to grow our community of brands and influencers. She is a passionate photographer with an active social media presence of her own and has a keen eye for creativity.
Leonardo Sajin
Leonardo makes sure everything looks sharp and is intuitive to use. He is self-taught and has over ten years of design experience.
Mario Krešić
Mario is our full stack developer. He loves new technologies and is always on the lookout for for new ways to make things more efficient. He holds a masters degree in IT.