Find the perfect influencers.
Without searching.

PitchBoard is a centralised platform to launch, manage and track your next campaign. We’ll connect you directly to the perfect influencers without you needing to search. Check out their audience insights, review creative proposals, and start collaborating. It’s fast, relevant and transparent.

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Powered by AI

Review accurate machine learned data on every influencer. Check out their audience demographics, credibility stats, brand affinities, engagement figures and more. Make informed decisions backed up by the right data to maximize your ROI.


Know the Audience

Get detailed insights into a creator's audience

Engagement Screen

Performance Insights

Predict what sort of engagement you might get

Safety Screen

Brand Safety

See details such as emotion distribution and use of bad language

Smart Matching

Eliminate the need to search through endless lists of influencers. Our algorithms backed up by our human outreach team will find the perfect influencers for your campaign better than any agency can. Our AI powered approach is up to 90% more efficient than searching and sending cold invites.

Easy to scale workflow

Step by Step Workflow

Our user friendly workflow tools enable you to scale up to working with dozens or even hundreds of influencers without breaking a sweat. Everything is neatly organized on the platform including your content approvals, contracts, messages, payments and reports.

Payment Escrow

We hold onto your funds and release them directly into the influencers bank account once the work has been approved and published on social media. Easily keep track of your spending and only pay for results.

Seamless Payments
Seamless Payments

Cash or Products

Pay cash only, send out free products, or a mix of both. We’ve designed PitchBoard to be flexible and intuitive. Some brands spend tens of thousands, but you can start with as little as $5k (cash or retail product value).

Campaign Monitoring

Easily keep track of your campaign and monitor reach and engagement data across multiple social networks to see what's working.

Seamless Payments
Seamless Payments

Micro to mid range influencers.

We are generally focused on micro to mid range influencers. They tend to have smaller, more engaged audiences and are proven to deliver better ROI when compared to working with celebrities.

Fully Managed Service

For larger budgets we can take complete care of your campaign. This includes identification, negotiation, creative concepts, booking, activation, management, payment and tracking results. Please contact with your brief for a custom proposal.