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By collaborating with real people, who share genuine experiences, you’re connecting with your audience on a uniquely human level. People interacting with people. It’s authentic, personal, and highly engaging. This is why social influencing can offer the strongest possible catalyst for growth.

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Compensation Packages

Flexible, fully-customisable compensation packages.

Intelligent Matchmaking

Intelligent, AI-driven matchmaking with the most relevant collaborators.


Data driven insights into credibility and sentiment.

Workflow tools

User-friendly workflow tools for effortless campaign management.

Realtime insights

Strategic, real-time insights into campaign performance.

Suggestive prices

Pricing suggestions based on pioneering algorithms.

Cash Experience Product

Incentivisation, like never before.

We understand that the personal touch is key. After all, there will likely be dozens of other brands competing for influencers’ attention, so standing out is essential.

PitchBoard enables you to build flexible, fully-customisable compensation packages designed to attract the most relevant influencers. Cash, commission, products, discounts or experiences? We make it possible.

Intelligent matchmaking,

We also know how difficult it can be to find the right influencers. Where do you start? Are they a good fit? How do I contact them?

Well, we do the searching for you. Our unique, AI-driven influencer analysis tools, supported by our specialist outreach team, automatically match you directly with the most relevant influencers for your campaign. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Matchmaking is based on your target audience and our analysis of the broader interests and habits of each influencer’s following, including the brands they buy into and their demographic

Easy matchmaking with relevant creators
Powered by AI

Data driven insights,
not smoke and mirrors.

How can you tell if a potential collaborator is credible? Is their audience genuinely engaged?

Our intelligent algorithms analyse dozens of indicators to reveal whether accounts are propped up by bots and fake followers, offering a unique insight into each influencer’s true reach and engagement before you commit.


Minimal risk. Total control.

We recognise that few people have the time to check through an influencer’s entire social media history before committing to a campaign. However, entrusting an influencer to promote your brand gives rise to the risk of reputational harm, simply by association.

To that end, we use pioneering algorithms to analyse and process the language adopted and content posted by influencers over time. You’ll have advance access to a fully-tailored sentiment report that reveals whether certain influencers tend to use offensive language, express negative emotions, or project other sentiments that could, merely by association, harm your brand.

What’s more, you can approve any content before it is posted, providing you with unrivalled control over how your brand is portrayed.

Optimising ROI,
not just engagement.

It can be difficult to predict the success of a prospective collaboration before committing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our machine learning capabilities provide detailed projections of engagement rates and ROI, based not only on your budget and required deliverables, but a broad range of recent influencer engagement statistics. You can then use this data to better inform your marketing decisions.

Easy matchmaking with relevant creators

Manage campaigns,

We recognise how much time and effort goes into the coordination of influencers, especially when you’re simultaneously working with dozens across multiple campaigns.

This is why we built sophisticated, user-friendly workflow tools to streamline the process of managing dozens or even hundreds of influencers at any one time. Once you connect to an influencer, you can seamlessly interact and negotiate with them through the platform, then rely on our bespoke T&Cs. This means you can focus on strategy, rather than project management.

Strategic insights,
intuitively presented.

We know that data is key to understanding the effectiveness of your influencer collaborations. This is why we provide detailed, real-time insights into engagement levels across your collaborations, enabling you to actively track influencers’ progress and results via a dedicated dashboard.

Brand payments

Secure payments,
without the risk.

The funds you commit to each campaign will remain in a secure account, meaning influencers will not be paid until the work has been approved and completed. What’s more, we process payments in 28 currencies, so we’re set up for even the most complex international collaborations.


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Brain Sorel
Head of Outreach, Neoreach

Out of the sponsored content platforms I’ve worked with, PitchBoard is one of the most compelling. Their audience targeting and analytics were extremely insightful.

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If all of this sounds too good to be true, then why not give it a try - no strings attached. We’re already working with great brands like TikTok and Dubai Tourism, and would love for you to join us. You can even launch your first campaign for free.

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