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PitchBoard helps you connect and collaborate with forward thinking brands. We verify every campaign and intelligently match you up with relevant campaigns so no time is wasted. Secure payment escrow means you get paid reliably and our streamlined workflow system lets you easily handle multiple collaborations at once.


Made for Creators

We love simplicity and believe that you, as a content creator, should have clear cut terms when collaborating with brands. By verifying every campaign, we guarantee secure deals and our system is designed for comfortable workflow helping to make your day that little bit easier.

Intelligent Match Making

Our smart algorithms automatically recommend brands and campaigns that fit your profile. You can connect with them through a simple proposal that only takes a few minutes to submit.

You're in control

You're in control

It’s your business and you are in control of every aspect of it. Present yourself to brands as you see fit, set your own rates and bring your own ideas to the table. There are no long term contracts to worry about.

Secure Payments

Every brand is obligated to deposit full payment upfront when they agree to collaborate with you. So every time you finish a campaign - you get paid directly into your bank account. Clear terms, secure payment escrow.

Seamless Payments

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How It Works

Opportunities that are tailored to you and your audience...


We alert you about opportunities that are relevant to you and your audience.


Submit proposals and your rates then collaborate directly with the brand in your own private workroom.


Our technology is designed to protect you and ensure you are paid on time for every collaboration.

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