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We know that creators like you are the future of marketing. The modern and scalable version of word of mouth. We also know how much time it takes to create meaningful content, to consistently and authentically engage with your audience, and to find and manage collaborations that align with your personal brand. This is why we created PitchBoard.

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PitchBoard at a glance

Compensation packages

Flexible, fully-customisable compensation packages.

AI matchmaking

Intelligent, AI-driven matchmaking with the most relevant collaborators.

Data driven insights

Data driven insights into credibility and sentiment.

User-friendly workflow tools

User-friendly workflow tools for effortless campaign management.

Live insights

Strategic, real-time insights into campaign performance.

Pricing suggestions

Pricing suggestions based on pioneering algorithms.

Intelligent matchmaking.

Creating content that consistently engages and inspires your following can leave little time for marketing yourself to, or vetting, potential collaborators. This is where we come in. Our intelligent, AI-driven influencer analysis tools will automatically match you with new and exciting brand collaboration opportunities that are carefully targeted to you and your audience.

Verified campaigns
Cash Experience Product

Perks, perks, perks.

Nowadays, brands are increasingly connecting with influencers through platforms. However, many offer minimal scope to build flexible incentivisation packages, leaving little room for compromise.

PitchBoard enables brands to build flexible, fully-customisable compensation packages, giving you the freedom to set your own rates and negotiate perks that work for you. Cash, commission, products, discounts or experiences? We make it possible.

Manage your
collaborations, effortlessly.

We recognise how much time and effort goes into co-ordinating collaborations, especially when working with multiple brands across multiple campaigns. This is why we created sophisticated, user-friendly workflow tools to help you effortlessly and efficiently manage all aspects of your collaborations at any one time.

Easy matchmaking with relevant creators

Verified brands.
Genuine collaborations.

We verify every brand we work with and each campaign they launch through the platform, ensuring you receive only genuine, relevant opportunities involving trusted brands. Once you connect to a brand, you can seamlessly interact and negotiate with them through the platform, then rely on our bespoke T&Cs. And best of all, the relationship is yours.

This means you can focus on making the most of your collaborations and creating content that inspires your audience.

Strategic insights

Strategic insights.
Intuitively presented.

Ever wondered how brands perceive you? Understanding your audience can be key to follower growth and higher engagement levels.

We’ll provide you with detailed insights into how your content is perceived by prospective collaboration partners. This includes the emotions you tend to project, your use of language, your credibility and your engagement over time. A dedicated dashboard also summarises your audience’s demographic, their hobbies and the brands they tend to engage with.

Over time, these insights can help you to assess, adapt and transform your approach to collaborations, making you all the more attractive as a potential collaborator.

Intelligent pricing
suggestions, finally.

Pricing your services can be the hardest part of any collaboration. Which factors should you consider? What are others charging? What motivates a particular brand? Our pioneering algorithms analyse a broad range of relevant factors - from your reach, engagement rates and credibility, to the brand’s budget and objectives – then suggests a price that is likely to seal the deal.

Easy matchmaking with relevant creators

Secure payments, without the risk.


We require brands to deposit full payment upfront. This removes any financial risk, whilst enabling you to avoid the awkward task of chasing clients for money further down the line.

Let’s talk numbers

Opening a PitchBoard account and getting matched to relevant brands is free forever. There are no pitching limitations or extra payments. We only deduct a small processing fee of 5% from your payouts. So if the deal was for $1,000, you will receive a net payout of $950.

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