Brand Pricing

Get introduced to relevant creators; review performance estimates before you commit, and manage your campaign seamlessly. All plans include 5 free creator intros with no payment or obligations.
Solo Standard Infinity Early Bird
$500/month $1000/month $2000/month $999/month
PitchBoard Fee 20% per Transaction 15% per Transaction 10% per Transaction 10% per Transaction
Max Creator Introductions 25 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Active Campaigns 1 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Cash Compensation
Product / Experience Gifting
Audience Insights
Collaboration Tools
Real Time Reports
0% Transaction Fee For Your Own Creators
Multiple Users & Roles
Comming Soon Comming Soon Comming Soon Start Now

Fully Managed Service

Let our team do the heavy lifting for you. This includes identification, negotiation, creative concepts, booking, activation, management, payment and tracking results. Please contact with your brief.

Need more answers?

How many intros will I get per month?
Our plans are based on the maximum number of intros we provide each month, across all of your active campaigns. We always try to fulfill your quota, but we cannot guarantee exactly how many intros you’ll receive as (1) this depends on your campaign requirements / compensation and (2) creators make their own decisions about which campaigns to bid on.
What if I don’t like any of the intros?
Our system is designed to match you with creators that fit your target audience and budget. There are no obligations to accept any of the intros you receive.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! We can provide you with a download of your campaign data to takeaway. Any completed or in progress collaborations remain subject to our terms.
How do you work out the transaction fee for products / experiences?
We base these on the normal retail price of the products or services. Transaction fees only apply when you accept and fund a proposal.
What is the minimum campaign spend?
We recommend a minimum total campaign budget of $5,000, or the equivalent in your local currency. This includes cash and the retail value of products / experiences.
Which countries do you support?
We currently support influencer payouts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and most of Europe. We support brands globally.
What sort of businesses is PitchBoard suitable for?
You will need a total campaign budget of at least $5,000 and goods or services that are a good fit for promotion on social media. We do not accept certain types of content, see our prohibited list here.
Do I need a credit card for the free trial?
No, you can setup a campaign and receive 5 intros without any payment. You will only need a card to sign up for a full plan and fund accepted proposals.
We don’t have a credit card. Can we pay by invoice?
We can invoice you in advance and apply this as a credit on your PB account that you can use to pay creators and PitchBoard fees in the normal way. We require an annual commitment to take advantage of this.