Ad Hoc Plan

One off campaigns with $5k+ budgets. No setup costs.
No obligations, only pay for successful activations.

Flat Service Fee

Only pay for successful activations.
Compensation types can be combined.


Cash Campaigns

Compensate influencers in cash and pay a 20% PitchBoard service fee on each successful activation.


Product / Experience Campaigns

Compensate influencers by gifting products or services to them. Our 20% fee is calculated based on the normal retail value.

Enterprise Plan

For larger on-going campaigns.

Discounted Rates

Only pay a 10% service fee for each activation. You can compensate influencers with cash or products / experiences

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to provide support and maximise campaign ROAS

Priority Outreach

Our outreach team will source and onboard targeted influencers to your campaigns

Creator Pricing

After creating your account, we will automatically connect you with relevant brands completely for free!

There are no unnecessary pitching limitations or extra payments. We believe in equal rights for each and every creator.

We only deduct a small processing fee of 5% from your payouts. So if the deal was for $1000, you will receive a net payout of $950.